Pro-fondi EVO


The Pro Fondi EVO is an electrical device that quickly extracts coffee grounds and makes cleaning espresso porta-filters easy: a real revolution!



Everything you want to know

The Pro Fondi is a revolutionary electrical device that quickly and thoroughly cleans any coffee grounds from your porta-filter.

Thanks to our tests, we can guarantee that all the added values ​​described here below are absolutely true:

  • It solves the classic problems of baristas in the wrist joints (no more knocking)
  • It avoids the beating noise and thus improves the acoustic comfort inside the room
  • It avoids the obstruction of the old drawer towards the operator
  • Eliminates the sight of smelly drawers
  • Thanks to a better cleaning of the filter, the quality of coffee is improved
  • It does not require any special cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy to install on any new or existing furniture (you can have it both in the built-in version of a bar counter, or in the stand-alone version with steel structure).

Furthermore, the renewed EVO version, compared to the previous model, has a modern design, without any and therefore very easy to clean. On the front there are two photocells and a touch button. These automatically operate the motor when they intercept the movement of the hand approaching with the porta-filter.

Another important innovation is the timing of the cleaning cycle: after 2 seconds the circuit automatically stops. This is the maximum time needed to thoroughly clean the filter, avoiding any waste in electricity.

Furthermore, Pro Fondi EVO has a new 54 or 58 mm diameter polyurethane impeller without springs, which thoroughly cleans the filters. These long lasting spring no longer need periodical replacements.

  • Power supply: 220 volts / 12 volts

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