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Best sellers

Christmas Coffee

All I want for Christmas is Coffee

14.50 €

Santa Claus Box

All I want for Christmas is coffee

58.00 €

Old Tom Coffee

Gin Infused Coffee

12.10 €

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On sale

Infused Coffee Set

145,00 130,50

Old Tom Coffee

Gin Infused Coffee

12.10 €

Coffees of the world set

journey into the world of coffee

31.50 €

Istanbul coffee set

the magic of Turkish coffee

28.90 €

Italian espresso set

traditional coffee blends

24.30 €
On sale

Love in the box

the gift box for Valentine's day

64,00 48,00

Napoli coffee set

the real Neapolitan coffee

32.50 €

Mokaflor Farm Box

tropical animals

34.00 €

Old Tom Coffee Box

Gin Infused Coffee

55.50 €

Specialty Coffee Set

journey into the world of coffee

34.50 €

Starter coffee box

for espresso

27.50 €

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Single-origin and specialty coffees, traditional blends, pods, capsules, and a wide range of accessories to prepare your coffee. The gift card starts from 30€ and allows the recipient to explore the entire Caffèlab universe. The only problem will be choosing!

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