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Milk Jugs & Latte Art

Milk jugs are an unmissable equipment for the barista, essential for the preparation of cappuccinos, espresso, milk based drinks and to create beautiful decorations with Latte Art.

Best sellers

Motta Milk Jug

for cappuccino & Latte Art

22.00 €

Cappuccino Coloring Kit

6 color set

32.90 €

Precision, design and size

The milk jug is among the most important tools of the barista: find the right one based on your requirements and aesthetic preferences.

On sale

Barista Set

kit for barista


Black Teflon Coated milk Jug

for Latte Art

13.50 €

Cappuccino Coloring Kit

6 color set

32.90 €

Counter milk frothing jug cleaner

for milk jugs

123.50 €

Latte Art Pro Milk Jug

by Gianni Cocco

24.00 €
On sale

Latte Art set

for cappuccino decorations


Latte Art topping bottle

cappuccino decoration

2.50 €

Milk Jug for Plant-based drinks

for cappuccino & Latte Art

28.00 €

Motta Milk Jug

for cappuccino & Latte Art

22.00 €

Nanofoamer milk frother


39.00 €

What is Latte Art?

Latte Art is a creative decoration technique for cappuccino or espresso macchiato, thanks to decorative designs made with the milk foam. It’s method of decoration is much appreciated by customers and baristas all over the world. The barista can indulge in a repertoire of figures such as hearts, rosettas, leaves, tulips, swans and geometric designs.

This technique is the perfect completion of an excellent quality cappuccino, that will make the customer smile. At the same time, this discipline is taken very seriously and the world competitions of Latte Art are held annually.

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