Bar accessories

The result of a great coffee is the union of various components. It’s important to not only rely on the coffee machine, but also on all accessories which help us achieve the best extraction and quality of the final result!

Best sellers

Brewing scale with timer


32.50 €

Hario kettle


63.40 €

Skerton Manual Coffee Grinder


52.40 €

"Barista in un libro"

Technical manual for the barista

12.00 €

"Brewing in un libro"

basic and intermediate level manual

14.00 €

"L'assaggio del caffè in un libro"

basic and intermediate level manual

14.00 €

"Caffè Verde in un Libro"

Green coffee manual

12.00 €

"Coffee Experts"

coffee manual

55.00 €

"Coffee tasting"

professional tasting manual

45.00 €

"Italian Cappuccino Latte Art"

Latte Art & cappuccino manual

55.00 €

"The espresso coffee production system" NEW EDITION

coffee manual

40.00 €

"Tostatura in un libro"

roaster manual

12.00 €

Acaia Lunar scale

espresso & brewing

301.00 €

Acaia Pearl black scale

espresso & brewing

201.00 €

Acaia Pearl white scale

espresso & brewing

198.00 €

The Barista’s secrets!

In a coffee shop there are some small tricks and secrets that can make a huge difference. One of these is the right choice of the most practical and functional bar accessories: from the tamper, to the milk jugs, through the scales, the digital timer and a strong focus on the cleaning kit. These are all trusted friends of a Barista!

In the end, it’s important to remember that all elements and steps which lead to the final extraction, can make a difference.

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