Filter & brewing

Here you’ll find all  filter coffee brewing methods, from the most innovative and new to the more classic and traditional ones.

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Moka Classic


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Don’t know which tool to choose?

Choose your favorite preparation method and select amongst a wide selection of extraction tools: from infusion, to percolation, pressure or decompression.

Brewer Stand Set SCS-S02


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6 cups

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Cold Brew Bottle Hario FIC-70


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Hario MCPN 14

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Cold drip

Hario Clear

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Our filter & brewing assortment

For each brewing method  there’s a different procedure for obtaining the best possible cup and result. We start from some of the most traditional infusion methods such as the Ibrik or French Press, to percolation methods such as the various drippers, the V60 and the very stylish Chemex. We then move over to pressure extractions, such as the traditional Moka pot to decompression systems such as the Siphon. Almost all of the tools require a special filter which is essential for the extraction and that adapts to the shape depending on the type of product. In many cases you’ll need jugs, scales and kettles to complete the set.

The brewing & filter coffee extractions are ideal for all coffee lovers who want to taste a clean and aromatic cup of coffee. Savor your cup slowly during working hours, while reading a book or just at any time of your day! 


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