Turkish coffee blend

stone ground




This coffee blend allows you to recreate the traditional atmosphere of a stone-ground Turkish coffee. You will enjoy all the magic and strength of the Orient in this specifically created cup of coffee.



Everything you want to know

The Turkish Coffee is certainly the oldest coffee extraction method in the world. As early as 1500 in the cafes of Constantinople, today Istanbul, patrons found themselves in front of steaming cups of the black drink to discuss business, politics, philosophy, music or to devote themselves to the game of chess or Tavla.

For its preparation we need the so-called Ibrik, also called Cezve, a coffee pot with an ancient charme combined with a very special coffee blend like this one which is very finely ground (almost like talcum powder). It is so impalpable that special stone grinders are required to grind it.


We recommend using a coffee / water ratio of 1:10. Start by pouring the water into the Ibrik with the sugar and coffee. Once the temperature approaches boiling, the coffee will tend to rise, creating the crema: it's then time to serve it in the cups and wait for the grounds to settle. Do you want a more intense drink? Why not try it with 2 or 3 boiling procedures ? And if you want to fully experience the Turkish coffee experience, add a little ground spices from the start, such as cinnamon or cardamom.

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