Bravilor ISO

filter coffee machine

The Bravilor Junior is the perfect professional filter coffee machine for a coffee shop or a breakfast room of a hotel.


Everything you want to know

The Bravilor ISO filter coffee machine is an ideal product for those looking for a professional filtered coffee experience. This machine can brew up to 18 liters of filtered coffee per hour, making it perfect for a high-volume work environment.

The machine comes with a 2-liter stainless steel thermal carafe and plastic filter cap, equipped with a patented infusion system. Thanks to its ability to extract 2 liters of filtered coffee in just 6 minutes, the Bravilor ISO is extremely efficient and fast.

It doesn't require a water supply connection and can therefore be placed anywhere. Thanks to its thermal carafe, the coffee is kept at an ideal temperature for a long time. Once the extraction cycle is complete, the machine gives off a signal to alert, that the coffee is ready to be served.

The Bravilor ISO, like the Bravilor NOVO, are both designed to be used with disposable paper filters that can be found HERE.

Perfect for baristas who want to offer filtered coffee in their coffee shop, with attention to quality and simple, yet consistent extractions.

Technical specifications:

  • Model: Bravilor ISO
  • Capacity: up to 18 liters/h
  • Power: 2000 W
  • Dimensions: 214x391x465 mm
  • Manufacturer: Bravilor

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