electric filter coffee machine

The perfect professional filter coffee machine for Pour Over extractions, with an ideal thermal constancy.


Everything you want to know

The BUNN VP 17-A2 electric filter coffee machine is a professional coffee brewing machine that can brew up to 14.8 liters per hour. You can place it anywhere, as it doesn't require connection to the water supply.

One of the best features of this machine is the thermal constancy of extraction for each batch of brewed coffee. The Bunn Vp17-A is solid and durable, entirely made of steel and has two heating plates that maintain the coffee jugs heated.

The Bunn VP17-A is the ideal coffee machine for the barista who likes to serve filter coffee in their coffee shop or restaurant and is looking for a simple yet qualitatively constant preparation.

Data sheet

- Model: Bunn VP 17-A2

- Capacity: up to 62 cups of 236 ml coffee / h - 14.8 l / h

-Material: steel

- Power: 1900W - 2300W

- Size: 66cm high x 50cm deep x 30cm wide

- Weight: 11.8 Kg

- Manufacturing company: Bunn

The box does not include paper filters and thermal glass jugs.

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