Green Coffee Video Course

Evaluation of defects, NY protocols and coffee specialties in an online course that takes us into the world of coffee production. With SCA foundation Green Coffee exam.


Everything you want to know

  • Coffee Botanics: Arabica, Canephora, liberica, excelsa ...
  • The origins of Coffea
  • Characteristics and market shares of the main producing countries
  • Coffee cultivation on the plantation, harvesting
  • Coffee processing: natural, washed, honey, pulped
  • Coffee drying: patios, African beds, mechanics
  • The removal of the parchment and the other processing steps
  • The methods of classification of green coffee
  • The classification by sieve
  • The classification by the number of defects, the New York scale.
  • Moisture analysis and allowed limits
  • The transport and storage of green coffee
  • Green coffee certifications (UTZ, Fair Trade, and others)
  • What are caffeine and decaffeinated coffee
  • The Brazilian Cupping tasting, recognizing the species, recognizing the defects.
  • The evaluation form to define a specialty coffee

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