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We present the new coffee from the Mokaflor Farm collection: an exclusive batch of Fine Robusta, grown with dedication on the historic Finca Onà, located in the heart of the lush San Marcos region, Guatemala.


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Who roasts our coffees?
Rob The Roaster, the Italian-Dutch trainer of Espresso Academy and SCA authorized, roasts your coffee. A great explorer of coffee, its processing methods, roasting profiles and the whole world who lives behind a cup of coffee.
Would you like to contact Rob The Roaster for more information on coffees and roasting profiles? Write to him at
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When do we roast?
Rob roasts your coffee on Tuesdays and Fridays, following the orders arrived. If roasted for espresso, the coffees are then subjected to degassing for 2-4 days, depending on the season and the variety of coffee.

Origin: San Marcos

Finca: Onà

Growth altitude: 835/1280mt. a.s.l.

Variety: Nemaya

Processing method: Washed

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance, Mujeres en Cafè

Everything you want to know

This exquisite coffee grows at an altitude ranging from 835 to 1280 meters, in one of the most picturesque corners of the country, where nature bursts forth in all its magnificence.

Finca Onà is not merely one of Guatemala's oldest coffee plantations; it is a veritable sanctuary for biodiversity, as suggested by its name which means "bee refuge" in the native language. This estate distinguishes itself through its profound commitment to the community, from establishing a nursery and schools to achieving Rainforest Alliance certification in 2002 for its environmental conservation practices.

Our Fine Robusta coffee is a key component of the "Mujeres en Cafe" project. It is an initiative celebrating the strength and determination of women coffee producers in Guatemala, offering them a path to economic independence in a traditionally male-dominated sector. This project not only showcases the unique potential of their coffee but also fosters a positive social impact.

The ideal climate of Finca Onà, combined with the perfect altitude and environmentally friendly cultivation techniques, contributes to producing exceptionally high-quality coffee. Each ripe cherry is meticulously selected and processed using the washed method, ensuring a rich and complex aromatic profile. With notes of dried fruits, almond, honey, and chocolate, our coffee delivers a sweet and balanced flavor, characterized by a full and harmonious body, a lasting creaminess, and an aftertaste that leaves a delightful note of chocolate.

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