Moka competition filter

E&B Lab

Improving the quality of the Moka coffee extraction is finally possible thanks to this “competition” stainless steel filter by E&B Lab.



Everything you want to know

The idea of ​​a special filter for Moka comes from the desire to ​​improve the quality of coffee prepared with this classic Italian coffee maker.

This "competition" version filter, created by E&B Lab, is in fact equipped with many smaller holes (diameter of 0.2 mm), compared to the less numerous traditional ones (≈ diameter of 0.8 mm). The smaller holes allow for a perfect extraction by reducing the water pressure that could damage the ground coffee panel in the filter.

Thanks to this filter which also retains many more fine particles of coffee, we'll obtain a cleaner cup, minimize any bitterness and increase the sweetness and balance of coffee.

This filter is available in various sizes and fits most moka pots. In addition, it can easily be installed instead of a standard filter.


Filter: stainless steel

Gasket: transparent silicone

Available size: 1 cup, 2 cups, 3 cups, 6 cups.


- 1 cup: external diameter 46mm - internal diameter 39 mm

- 2 cups: external diameter 48,5 mm - internal diameter 42 mm

- 3 cups: external diameter 57 mm - internal diameter 49,2 mm

- 6 cups: external diameter 66,25 mm - internal diameter 55 mm

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