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We’ve made an effort to combine the significant changes happening in the coffee industry into a single collection, step by step. Our team of researchers has focused on making the advancement of taste and the development of more complex flavors easy to grasp for those who are new to the world of coffee



Everything you want to know

In many bars, the prevalent choice is still the "service coffee," a low-quality cup devoid of history and values. Conversely, the Specialty Coffee market is on the rise, offering high-quality brews that often push the boundaries, featuring intense acidity and unique flavor profiles that may perplex many customers. In certain contexts, these coffees can alienate those seeking a simple "cup of pleasure."

This is where our mission began: to provide exceptional coffee with a rich backstory, yet free from complexities and approachable even for those new to the world of premium coffee.

We offer three single-origin Specialty Coffees, along with a traceable 90/10 blend. Each boasts its distinct characteristics and aromatic qualities, complemented by a slightly darker roasting profile suitable for both espresso and Moka brewing methods.

  • Brazil - Farm Isidro Pereira
  • Colombia - Farm Inza Cauca
  • Tanzania  - Farm Karagwe
  • Mokaflor Farm - 90/10

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