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A traceable coffee blend, coming from two farms and selected directly in the countries of origin, for an elegant and balanced cup of espresso.



Everything you want to know

Mokaflor Farm is a new project of the Mokaflor team dedicated to high quality traceable coffees. It’s a cafe designed to unite.

Designed to bring together coffee growers in countries of origin and consumers who enjoy a cup of coffee at the bar every day.

Designed to combine, to find an ideal meeting point in a market often divided between low-quality coffee, too present, and high-quality coffee, sometimes incomprehensible and too acidic for the customer.
This is why Mokaflor Farm presents traceable coffee blends for bars accessible to everyone, even those who are approaching the world of quality coffee.

Mokaflor farm is a traceable blend, that is, you can follow the chain of the product, the bean, from the field to the cup.
Too often, in fact, in the coffee industry, attention is given only to roasting, ignoring the fundamental role of the attention and skills of farmers. Our responsibility, our role is to select and roast coffee in order to preserve and enhance its organoleptic characteristics that farmers have given us.

Mokaflor Farm wants to tell and fascinate, bringing in the cup moments of extraordinary taste.

Two Arabica Specialty coffees with a tasting score of more than 80 points, which together turn into a blend of high-quality coffee that surprises for balance and sweetness, and a velvety body.

The 100% Arabica Mokaflor Farm Bar Blend is in fact composed of two lots cultivated in the Fazenda Isidro Pereira in the region of Carmo de Minas in Brazil and in the area of Inza Cauca where 52 small producers are united in a cooperative (Asorcafè) to improve the quality of the beans.

In the cup, the blend Farm 100% Arabica gives us a round and balanced espresso, an excellent body and fruity notes of berries, and more sweet fresh butter and caramel.

  • BRAZIL Fazenda Isidro Pereira: 950-1200 m above sea level - Acaia Arabica
  • COLOMBIA Inza Cauca: 1500-1800 m above sea level - Caturra, Colombia Arabica

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Traceable coffee

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