Nespresso capsules 50/50 Gran Crema

Nespresso compatible

Aromatic notes


Our offer of Compatible Nespresso Capsules by Mokaflor: 50/50 Gran Crema blend


Everything you want to know

This blend has a vigorous body and strong taste.


A dark brown crema which in espresso has a very full-bodied taste. The bitterness is intense but mitigated by a sensation of chocolaty, intense sweetness. The nose notes are of bitter cocoa and precious woods.

Packaging: 10 capsules

How to dispose of the capsules? You can carry out the separate collection of the materials that make up the capsule. The lower part in the plastic (being 100% plastic), and the film that seals the capsule in the undifferentiated (being aluminum).

Compatibility: Nespresso and similar - check the instructions on the machine

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