Supertuscan Blend 100% arabica

Traceable coffee







Traceable blends are a presentation of how coffee should always be: a gift of nature, the product of farms, territories, vocations and passions, in which the customer can follow the path that has brought extraordinary aromas to their cup, from A to Z.



Everything you want to know

This blend is made from only traceable products.

What does traceable coffee mean? A plantation coffee purchased through a direct relationship with the farmers and where every step of the processing and production chain is 100% transparent.

This allows us to always bring the latest, freshest coffee harvest into your cup and that of your customers, thus guaranteeing you intense and unique aromatic notes.

This blend, 100% traceable Super Tuscan Arabica, brings a round and well-balanced espresso to the cup. The body is well mitigated by a nice sensation of sweetness and a hint of freshness. The aromas are of vanilla, light caramel, mango and pineapple.

  • BRAZIL Fazenda Villa Boa: 1240 meters above sea level - Arabica Yellow Catucai
  • MEXICO La Concordia: 1200meters above sea level - Arabica Costarica, Obata, Marseillesa, Oro Atzeca
  • CARIBBEAN Crystal Mountains: 600/800 meters above sea level - Arabica Typica

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