Acaia Pearl black scale

espresso & brewing

To have complete control over a coffee extraction with the most popular brewing methods, but also to measure an espresso correctly. A scale like this is simply a must for every coffee lover. Especially when combined to a timer, you’ll simply never want to be without!


Everything you want to know

The Acaia Pearl, in its Black version, has a brighter and more visible display, compared to the white version and is one of the most appreciated tools by baristas all over the world. In fact, thanks to its success on Kickstarter, it has become a real must for every coffee lover!

This beautiful scale, with a minimalist and modern design especially in its elegant black color, has a very high response speed of 20 ms. Moreover, its accuracy to the tenth of a gram is capable of also calculating any evaporation of extraction. It also includes an auto tare function and a digital stopwatch.

However, what truly makes it unique, is the ability to connect with any Android or IOS device via Bluetooth, to its app which allows you to collect all the extraction data, save them and share it with other baristas (Download the app for your device at the following link )

Moreover, the Acaia scale is water resistant, which is great when water gets spilled on the work surface. Also, you won't have anymore batteries that run out since the Acaia can be recharged like a smartphone with its charger via a mini USB socket.

Perfect for the barista and coffee lover who wants the top, loves functional objects with a beautiful design and wants to have a total control over the espresso and brewing extractions.


  • Size: 16cm x 16cm x 3.2cm
  • Weight: 462 gr
  • Capacity: 2 kg
  • Unit of measure: g / oz
  • Sensitivity: 0.1g
  • Battery: USB rechargeable
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

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