Hario drip scale

per coffee brewing

The Hario Drip Scale V60 precision scale with timer measures the Brew Ratio up to one tenth of a gram. It allows you to calculate both the quantity of poured water as well as the seconds of pre-infusion and extraction. An important tool for the best V60 and Aeropress extractions.


Everything you want to know

One of the most important elements when extracting high quality coffee is to have all the extraction parameters under control. Most of all, we need to identify the Brew Ratio, which is the water / ground coffee weight ratio of our coffee as well as the extraction time.

Once you try it, this super precise (0.1gr) Drip Scale by Hario with integrated timer will become your inseparable tasting companion.

Just place the Hario server and your V60 dripper with its well pre-wet filter and your dose of ground coffee on top, press the tare button and start the timer and extraction.

Perfect for the professional barista who wants to perfectly control every parameter of their extraction and for those of you who want to prepare a V60 coffee at home like the pros!


  • Precision balance to 0.1 gr
  • Min / sec timer
  • Auto shut-off
  • 2 AAA batteries

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