The innovative Aeropress Aerobie is the ideal partner for any barista or coffee enthusiast looking for excellent extractions. This coffee tool has a great lightness and quality of use. Made to bring with you, wherever you go!


Everything you want to know

How to prepare a cup of good coffee wherever you are? This is the question behind the invention of the Aeropress coffee maker and designed by Aerobie, a company specialized in the production of Frisbees.

Its lightness, simplicity of use and the excellent results have made it a success among coffee lovers in the coolest coffee places!

The technology of the Aeropress is similar to that of the Moka. Differently to the the Moka though, it doesn't risk giving the coffee bitter or burnt notes, which unfortunately, the high temperatures to which the Moka pot is exposed during extraction, can sometimes lead to.


  • Material: PET
  • Servings: 1 to 4 cups

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