Aeropress ultrafine coffee filters


The ultrafine metal filters by IMS, are reusable, therefore sustainable, and extract a coffee with a rounder body.


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Have you been won over by the great quality and simplicity of an Aeropress preparation, but want to try something different?

This steel filter, is not only reusable, but lets many of the oils that are present in coffee pass through, giving your cup a great body.

The very dense texture of this ultra-fine filter produced by IMS with a filtering power of 35 microns, allows you to use the same recipes, always experimenting with new ones and playing with brew ratio, grinding, temperature and infusion time.

Remember to clean and dry it well after each use and, if necessary, immerse it in hot water with a coffee detergent.

Perfect for the barista and coffee lover who prefers a cup of coffee with a rounder body. Designed for those who want to be sure not to run out of filters and that like to have a sustainable and reusable filter.


  • Material: steel
  • Outside diameter: 63 mm
  • Thickness: 0.30mm - 0.90mm
  • Filtration: woven membrane in stainless steel
  • Double protective stainless steel ring

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