“Barista in un libro”

Technical manual for the barista

A technical manual, written in Italian, dedicated to the profession of the baristaBarista in un libro“. This book provides the reader with all the necessary tools, to become a real coffee expert.


Everything you want to know

The first volume of the series “Barista in a book - Technical manual for the barista” is a basic compendium for the training of a professional barista. The book transmits the technical knowledge that is required to deepen your knowledge regarding the entire preparation chain. From grinding the roasted coffee, to serving it in the cup, the maintenance and adjustment of the equipment and much more.

Andrej Godina, author of the book, received a PhD in Science, Technology and Economics in the Coffee Industry from the University of Trieste. His thesis is "The perception of a high quality espresso by consumers".

He's an associate and authorized teacher of the Specialty Coffee Association and a well renowned international coffee expert, especially when it comes to espresso coffee extraction and tasting. He is also very active throughout Italy for the spreading of knowledge about high quality coffee.

  • This book is only available in Italian!

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