“The espresso coffee production system” NEW EDITION

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The journey of coffee from bean to cup, is explained with this exhaustive and complete manual, “The espresso coffee production system“. Available in two languages: English and Italian.


Everything you want to know

The espresso coffee production system” written by the Bazzara brothers, clearly explains the journey of the coffee bean from bean to cup through exhaustive texts both in Italian and English, as well as beautiful photos and effective illustrations.

This manual of almost 200 pages is divided into 4 main chapters:

1 - Green
The coffee plant, secrets of harvesting and processing the berries

2 - Bag
The long journey of green coffee in jute bags, features of the beans and the specialists who evaluate them

3 - Roasted
Roasting know-how and metamorphosis of the coffee bean

4 - Espresso
Italian technology for espresso coffee and the "golden rules" for a perfect cup

On Caffèlab you can also find the other two volumes by the same authors to complete your knowledge and your library of the world of coffee:

  • Coffee tasting
  • Italian Cappuccino Latte Art

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