Black Teflon Coated milk Jug

for Latte Art

A professional milk jug, perfect for preparing your cappuccino and all other milk-based coffee drinks thanks to its precision spout.



Everything you want to know

A milk jug is one of the most essential tools for professional baristas, essential to guarantee consistency in the coffee drink’s quality throughout the day. 

This model is available in two sizes: a smaller one of 360ml perfect for preparing just one cappuccino and a larger one of 600ml suitable for two cappuccinos.

Its precision spout designed for Latte Art allows you to prepare cappuccinos that are not only good but also of a visually strong impact.

The very resistant 304 stainless steel is of beautiful black color and coated with a  non-stick Teflon which also facilitates cleaning.


  • Available sizes: 36cl, 60cl
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Coating: Non-stick Teflon

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