Latte Art Pen


The Motta pen is designed for all bartenders and enthusiasts who want to decorate their cappuccinos with Latte Art.



Everything you want to know

Latte Art means giving an image and communication to our coffee, with creativity. It is a well-known and widespread practice in Italy as well. For those of you who want to seriously practice this decorative technique and especially for more complex figures, you'll need the support of this Latte Art pen, designed specifically for the refinement of certain figures.

This pen is equipped with a double tip. A wide one, with a spatula (for example to make an eye in relief or to "pull the ears" to the figure of the cat) and a narrow, spiked tip (don't we want to make our cat also a mustache?).

The pen is available in two colors: red and blue.

Material: stainless steel with rubber coating

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