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From the highlands of Minas Gerais, a coffee that is naturally decaffeinated using the Swisswater method


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Who roasts our coffees?
Rob The Roaster, the Italian-Dutch trainer of Espresso Academy and SCA authorized, roasts your coffee. A great explorer of coffee, its processing methods, roasting profiles and the whole world who lives behind a cup of coffee.
Would you like to contact Rob The Roaster for more information on coffees and roasting profiles? Write to him at
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When do we roast?
Rob roasts your coffee on Tuesdays and Fridays, following the orders arrived. If roasted for espresso, the coffees are then subjected to degassing for 2-4 days, depending on the season and the variety of coffee.

Origin: Minas Gerais

Growth altitude: 800-1.250mt s.l.m.

Processing method: Water decaf "swisswater"

Certifications: Specialty Coffee

Cupping score: 82 points SCA

Everything you want to know

This decaffeinated coffee comes from the most important coffee producing countries in the world, Brazil.

The Swisswater process was used to remove caffeine from the green coffee beans, with the use of a natural solvent: water. This procedure not only garantees the maximum integrity of the coffee, but is also able to guarantee the highest quality result in the cup.

This coffee has an unexpectedly round body and interesting sweetness which reminds us of almond. The very persistent aftertaste is of dark chocolate.

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