Fazenda Villa Boa




Aromatic notes


This Carbon Neutral certified coffee is produced on a farm that sequesters more carbon dioxide than it emits, a sustainable choice for the environment in a sweet cup with notes of Gianduia.



Origin: Carmo de Matas, Minas Gerais

Finca: Fazenda Villa Boa

Growth altitude: 960-1.200 mt a.s.l.

Variety: Catucai

Processing method: Natural

Certifications: Carbon Neutral - Specialty

Cupping score: 84,25

Everything you want to know

The region of Carmo de Matas is located in the heart of the state of Minas Gerais. It is characterized by plateaus with an average altitude of 1,030 meters above sea level. Thanks to fertile land and abundant water, agriculture has been introduced in the region since the time of the first colonizers searching for precious metals. Coffee cultivation in this region dates back to 1860 and has been recognized as a geographical indication thanks to its unique coffee tradition, landscape, and microclimate.

The region experiences a dry climate during the harvesting season, which favors post-harvest procedures, while wide temperature fluctuations provide optimal conditions for fruit ripening.


Monica Borges de Sousa, the current owner of Fazenda Villa Boa, inherited 90 hectares of land in the Carmo de Matas region of Minas Gerais in 1988. Driven by her passion and desire to become a coffee producer, she abandoned her profession as a psychologist to devote herself 100% to Fazenda Villa Boa.

The name Villa Boa, or "Pleasant City," fully represents Monica's desire to create a place where people could work together and create a positive atmosphere. Together with her husband, they began planting the first 7 hectares of coffee, and over time, they developed a passion for Specialty Coffee, which led them to constant research and innovation of production techniques to ensure a sustainable future for coffee.

In addition to providing employment and social projects to the surrounding community, Fazenda Vila Boa is committed to environmental conservation. The farm has been certified Carbon Neutral by GRÖN, meaning it sequesters more carbon dioxide through the forest surrounding the plantation than it emits through harvesting and processing.

The lot we have selected is processed with the natural method, with the drying of the cherries on raised beds. The variety is Catucai, a cross between the Catuai and Icatu varieties.

In the cup, it has a good body and excellent sweetness, with notes of chocolate, gianduia, and macadamia.

According to the SCA protocol, it scored 84.25 points in the tasting.

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