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Specialty blend

BEST FOR MOKA-ESPRESSO miscela-specialty



Aromatic notes





Clear and defined aromas, rounded body and an unforgettable sweetness. The first specialty blend created by our Caffèlab experts: a blend you will remember.



Everything you want to know

To create this Specialty and traceable coffee blend we started from a simple idea: the perfect cuisine is the one in which very few, yet qualitatively excellent ingredients are used and where each ingredient is fully perceptible by the palate.

Our question is: if the coffees used in a blend are of the highest quality, why mix too many, losing the uniqueness of their extraordinary aromatic notes? For this reason we have created a blend of only two Farm Coffees: carefully selected Arabicas of high altitude plantations, traceable and of the highest level.

  • BRAZIL Fazenda Villa Boa: Yellow Catucai, natural
  • MEXICO La Concordia: Costarica, Obata, Marseillesa, Oro Atzeca, washed

For this blend, we wanted to bring you the fullness of the Italian espresso combined with a complex roundness that crosses sweetness and structured acidity that would be a combination between citric and malic, and a small, intriguing note of bitter chocolate. The aromas that we have identified at our taste are: biscuit, cinnamon, chocolate and red fruit.

FOR PROFESSIONALS: this blend has been designed for coffee shops that want to offer a blend with a recognizable and constant high profile. A coffee designed to offer your customers a unique blend made with the passion of our long experience and the selection of qualitatively excellent specialty coffees.

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