Chemex coffee filters

3 / 6 cups

Your supply of 3 and 6 cup Chemex coffee filters, resistant and perfect for a correct infusion.



Everything you want to know

Have you bought your Chemex and need filters or you already have one and need a refill?  Don't worry! We got you covered with this pack of 100 filters, to enjoy many more cups of filter coffee.

These filters are 20-30% heavier than those of other drippers and are able to remove even the finest unwanted particles and oils. This heaviness allows you to have an optimal infusion time, to extract all aromas in the best possible way and to retain the most bitter elements while being resistant.

To eliminate all traces of papery scents you should wet them with plenty of hot water. This process will make the filters adhere even better to the Chemex and heat it before extraction, guaranteeing a better thermal stability during extraction.

  • Filter version: Chemex 3 cups "Halfmoon" / Chemex 6 cups "Squared"
  • Filters: 100 pieces

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