6 cups

The Chemex coffee maker is one of the most famous coffee brewing tools in the world, thanks to its unique and elegant design. Definitely a must have for all coffee lovers!


Everything you want to know

The Chemex coffee maker is a real design object, to manually prepare very aromatic and clean cups of filter coffee. Its famous shape and structure is made entirely of glass which is a material that doesn't absorb any odors and chemical residues. Also its wooden collar, tied with a leather string, make it a truly unmistakable object, desired by all coffee lovers. One model is in fact exhibited in the permanent collection at the MoMa Museum of Modern Arts in New York.

This 6-cup model, has a capacity of approximately 30 oz / 0.9 liters.


For all coffee lovers who don't want to miss having a design object and dripper in their collection and for all those who have to prepare several cups of coffee at the same time. It is also designed for the barista who wants to expand their Brew bar with a coffee maker of a sure visual impact.


To extract your Specialty coffee with the Chemex coffee maker, you will need some important accessories:

  • paper filters (for the 6 cup Chemex)
  • kettle with "Goose Neck" spout, to improve the accuracy of your pouring
  • scale equipped with a timer to keep the fundamental parameters for the extraction under control
  • manual coffee grinder to grind coffee on the spot and get the highest quality from your cup


  • dripper: glass
  • collar: wood & leather
  • capacity: 6 cups


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