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Explore the sensory excellence of our Specialty Coffee from North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.



Origin: Shasha, North Kivu

Finca: Amka Cooperative

Growth altitude: 1450/1850 mt. a.s.l.

Variety: Blue Mountain, Red Bourbon

Processing method: Washed

Certifications: Specialty Coffee

Cupping score: 87 points

Everything you want to know

These exquisite beans come from plantations located between 1650 and 1850 meters above sea level, on volcanic soil adjacent to the picturesque Lake Kivu. The soil is rich in organic substances necessary for cultivating high-quality coffee.

Resilience Story: Eugenie and the Local Cooperative

A testimony to a long family tradition, Eugenie, one of the founders of the Amka cooperative, shares her coffee cultivation experience rooted in the era of Belgian colonization. Despite the challenges of war, in 2011, Eugenie and other farmers decided to establish a cooperative, embarking on a path of revival for coffee producers in the region. With the help of agronomy experts in recent years, the plantations have achieved excellent productivity, ensuring fair compensation for farmers and a sustainable future.

Production Details and Unique Quality

The hand-selected cherries, chosen by women from the community, belong to the Blue Mountain variety, a mutation of the Typica variety originally found and cultivated in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and Red Bourbon. After harvesting, they are processed using the washed method and carefully dried on African Beds. The result is a high-quality specialty coffee that reflects a commitment to excellence and attention to detail at every stage of production.

Sustainability and Social Commitment: The Role of AMKA

Carefully imported by Makeda Coffee, this coffee lot comes from the AMKA cooperative, whose name in Swahili means "Wake up, coffee growers." Founded with the goal of economically supporting local communities, AMKA works to ensure careful and responsible resource management for the long-term sustainability of the project.

A Symbol of Resilience and Excellence

In addition to being a genuine delight for the palate, this Specialty Coffee is a symbol of resistance, determination, and excellence. Cultivated in a "Red Zone," this coffee contributes not only to the promotion of a tradition of quality but also to supporting agricultural communities in a region that has faced difficult challenges. Each cup tells a story of resilience and commitment.

In the cup, complex aromas are revealed, ranging from delicate floral notes of lavender to more intense fruity nuances of bergamot and candied apple. The acidity, rich in facets, harmonizes beautifully with the sweetness and persistent fruity aftertaste, offering a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

According to the SCA cupping protocol, this coffee has scored 87 points.

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