Bacchi Espresso Coffee Machine


The innovative Bacchi espresso machine is made by Caffemotive. Drink your coffee at home with the same quality of the one at the bar!


Everything you want to know

A unique piece of style and craftsmanship. The Bacchi Espresso is the only coffee maker on the market that uses the technology of a pressure booster without electricity but with an external heat source (even a camping stove is ok!). It allows you to prepare a perfect espresso with 9 bar from the beginning to the end of the extraction. This jewel is entirely Made in Italy. The material is anodized aluminum, which is non-porous, easy to clean and with perfect thermal conduction.

After having tested it, we can only say that the Bacchi is as domestic and "familiar" to use for us Italians as is the Moka pot, but with the results of an espresso machine. An ideal machine for those who always love to have a espresso, at home and with style.


  • Pour water into the lower compartment of the machine. Turning into steam, it will provide the pressure needed to push the piston.
  • Insert the quantity of fine ground coffee "for espresso" into the filter (the classic 14g dose for two espresso)
  • Level the coffee without pressing and vigorously close the machine, in order to adequately compress the seals, giving the coffee the correct pressing of about 18 / 20kg.
  • At this point your Bacchi is ready to be placed on the heat source and we just have to wait 6/7 minutes. Then a whistle warns you that the time has come to open the tap after which you will extract two perfect espresso in the cups which, placed on the cup warmer will have reached the right temperature.

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