Foam Locus

for milk frothing

Do you want your milk to be perfectly frothed every time and avoid any bubbles in your foam? The Foam Locus is the perfect tool for you!



Everything you want to know

For a new barista, frothing milk is one of the biggest problems when approaching the espresso machine. Finding the right position for the steam wand inside the milk jug can be difficult and can take some time.

Foam Locus is a new accessory for baristas which prevents any movement of the lance inside the milk jug. A kind of brace for steam wands that are locked in one position, allowing for a perfect and silky Latte Art.

Frothing milk therefore becomes quite easy even for those of you who have never frothed milk before and you can get excellent results immediately. Foam Locus is perfectly suited to 600ml milk jugs which are perfect for the preparation of two cappuccinos or 360ml for a single cappuccino.

How does it work?

Simply attach the Foam Locus to the milk jug, pour the right amount of milk, insert the steam wand into the Foam Locus as far as it will go, open the steam and wait for the milk to reach serving temperature (55 ° / 65 ° C).

Attention: This tool is not compatible with Motta milk jugs!

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