French Press Hario Slim


The French Press Hario Slim is a simple coffee maker with professional results, for every coffee lover and barista.


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Everything you want to know

The French Press is a coffee maker invented in the 1800s, but still widely used to prepare excellent cups of filter coffee, even today. Each French Press is made of a thermal glass, a cap equipped with a plunger and a metal filter.

This super-professional Slim version is characterized by the quality of its Hario thermal glass and an excellent metal filter that manages to retain all the coffee particles below 100 microns, guaranteeing us a very clean cup.

How is the French press used?

  • pour hot water into the glass to pre-heat it
  • after having emptied it, you should add 12 g of coffee and 200 g of hot water, so that the coffee is well soaked. We always recommend starting with a brew ratio of 60 gr / liter
  • after mixing the coffee and water with a spoon (preferably made of wood so as not to scratch the glass), insert the cap to prevent the heat from escaping and wait for the infusion time of 3-4 minutes.
  • At the end of the infusion time, press the plunger separating the ground coffee from the drink with the metal filter
  • as soon as filtering is finished, the coffee should be poured into cups or another container to prevent prolonged contact between water and coffee, therefore prolonging the extraction

The extracted coffee should have a good body and probably some sediments that are not filtered by the metal filter. If you prefer a cleaner cup, however, you can filter this drink with a paper filter, in your V60 or Chemex.

The ideal grind for the French Press is very large due to the very long contact time between the coffee and the water.


  • Capacity: 240ml
  • Filter: ultrafine metal
  • Finishes: plastic
  • Glass: heat resistant glass


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