Skerton Manual Coffee Grinder


The Hario Skerton Plus manual coffee grinder allows you to grind and preserve the freshness of your coffee thanks to ceramic grinders, a capacity of 70 gr and a glass container with airtight cap. A great part of what you need for an amazing coffee extraction!


Everything you want to know

For a high quality end result in your cup, we always recommend to freshly grind your coffee before the extraction. In fact, around 15 minutes after grinding, coffee will have already lost more than 50% of its aromas.

This Skerton Plus manual coffee grinder by Hario, is a tool of sophisticated design and excellent quality, to grind your beans just before preparing coffee.

Thanks to its ceramic grinders and low rotation speed that doesn't overheat coffee, it allows you to obtain a particle size suitable for any type of extraction method (French Press, Aeropress, V60, Moka, and even espresso!).

Its glass container can be closed with the hermetic cap and can hold up to 70 grams of ground coffee. Thanks to its rubber base, the grinding stability is guaranteed both at home and when traveling.

Perfect for all coffee lovers who don't want to give up freshly ground beans everywhere they go and with every extraction method they use. Also great for the barista who wants to offer a small Brew Bar within their own coffee shop.


  • Body material: high quality glass
  • Burrs material: ceramic
  • Capacity: 70g

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