San Cristobal


Aromatic notes


The Hacienda El Cafetal has been growing coffee since 1875, when Don Manuel Cobos had the intuition to import coffee from Ethiopian land to start his 247-hectare plantation. Incredibly, coffee today is produced from the same plants, the original ones planted in 1875.



Origin: Galapagos islands

Finca: Hacienda El Catefal

Growth altitude: 1000-1200 mt a.s.l.

Variety: Blue Mountain, Bourbon

Processing method: Washed

Certifications: Organic

Everything you want to know

This exceptional coffee plantation, located in the suggestive and wild Galapagos Islands. It is certified organic and bird friendly: some areas have been equipped for birds that use the island as a "stopover".

The coffee is grown in the shade of the trees of the forest of the Hacienda El Cafetal, located on the island of San Cristobal.



This coffee is raw with an average sieve 18 and the evaluation of defects ranges from very low to zero. If toasted as an espresso (agtron 50-55, Italian), it forms a light hazelnut cream with light reddish nuances. On the nose the sensations are decidedly fine: mango, sometimes yellow peach and candied apricot. Although light-bodied, this coffee has more roundness than one might imagine. The acidity is in fact balanced by a nice sweetness.

If toasted by filter and brewing (agtron 65-70, full city) the floral and fruity aromas are enhanced, the acidity is enhanced and the sweetness becomes really soft.

caffè verde

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