Alta Mogiana Franca


Aromatic notes


Grown and processed in the Alta Mogiana district, Brazil is the leading producer and exporter of coffee in the world. A fruity and sweet cup of coffee.



Origin: Alta Mogiana

Finca: Cooperative Alta Mogiana

Growth altitude: 900-1000 mt a.s.l.

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra

Processing method: Natural

Everything you want to know

Brazilian coffees are distinguished by their natural roundness and give an extremely clean cup that binds to any other origin without overpowering the taste. It is therefore frequently used as a base for mixtures. Of course it is impossible to speak of "classic Brazilian coffee" as this nation is as exterminated as a continent. In our case we offer an Alta Mogiana, a product with an intense body with medium acidity and sweetness, the classic Brazil!


This coffee has an average 18-19 sieve and low defect rating (NY2).

If toasted as an espresso (agtron 50-55, Italian), the cream obtained is a marked hazelnut with slight reddish hues. On the nose there are clear sensations of toasted and biscuit, in some cases of cocoa biscuit.

To the taste, the coffee has a medium body and a very pleasant sweetness, harmonized by a slight bitter sensation and a very soft acidity (but how are coffees analyzed when tasted?).

If toasted by filter and brewing (agtron 65-70, full city) the sweetness remains really soft, the sensation of chocolate biscuits becomes finer.

caffè verde

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