Hario electric kettle


The “BuonoHario Kettle is equipped with a “Goose Neck” precision spout that allows you to control the pouring of water. Also, this kettle is light and super strong. The perfect travel companion for those who make filter coffee.


Everything you want to know

Making filter coffee with a V60 is a proper ritual which cannot be pursued without this accessory. The "Buono" Hario kettle allows you to pour water in a circular motion with extreme precision. In fact, the characteristic “Goose Neckprecision spout will allow you to control the spill.

Furthermore, stainless steel is very light and super resistant at the same time. Also, Buono's elegant design, is a mix between classic and modern, with an easy-grip handle. An accessory the real coffee brewing lover can't be without.

This electric version allows you to heat the water to the perfect temperature for an extraction of just a few minutes with a simple touch on the ON / OFF switch located at the base.

A perfect tool for the professional barista looking for reliable and stable results, but also for all of you who want to prepare a V60 coffee at home like a pro!

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 0.8 l

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