W60 by Pete Licata


The Drip Assist is a tool designed for both Home Baristas and professionals to improve the consistency of their coffee extraction with the V60. Designed by the World Barista Champion Pete Licata, it allows the water to be distributed evenly during your V60 extraction.


Everything you want to know

One of the main features which the Hario V60 drippers are known for is certainly the conical shape of the filters. Also for this special W60 edition by Pete Licata (Barista Champion 2013) we use the same filters, even though the shape is more rounded.

However, we also add a reusable resin filter that allows you to obtain a panel of coffee with a flat bottom for a more homogeneous extraction.

Versatility is the most interesting function of this dripper. In fact, the cup of coffee can be prepared in three different ways:

  1. Using both the flat resin and paper filter for a clean and rich cup
  2. Using only the flat resin filter, which will not filter any oils of coffee for a more round-bodied cup
  3. Using only the paper filter inside the cone for a clean and delicate cup like the one of a V60

These are the recipes recommended by the former Barista Champion Pete Licata:

1. Double filter (Paper / resin plate)

Coffee dose 30gr
Water 500gr
Pre-infusion 70gr for 30 "
Extraction time 4'20 "/ 4'45"
Medium-fine grind (slightly finer than V60)

2. Only the resin flat filter

Coffee dose 20gr
Water 330gr
Pre-infusion 50gr for 30 "
Extraction time 3'20 "/ 3'30"
Medium-fine grind (slightly finer than V60)

3. Only the paper filter

Coffee dose 30gr
Water 500gr
Pre-infusion 40gr for 30 "
Extraction time 2'30 "/ 2'45"
Medium-fine grind equal to V60


  • Dimensions: L160 × D127 × H109
  • Diameter of the plane: 116 cm
  • Capacity:  For 1 ~ 4 cups
  • Materials:
    Body / Porcelain
    Frame / Polypropylene
    Mesh / Polyester resin

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