V60 ceramic


The ceramic V60 coffee dripper is one of the most famous tools for preparing incredible filter coffee, allowing you to enjoy perfect cups of coffee that enhance the flavors of our finest coffee beans. It’s a great gift for coffee lovers and for treating yourself to a delightful coffee experience.



Everything you want to know

The V60 is one of the most famous accessories for manually preparing filter coffee. As its name suggests, it is a V-shaped cone with a 60° angle, which can deliver very clean cups of coffee while enhancing the flavors of our coffee beans.

The features that distinguish it and make it preferable to others in the best "third wave" coffee shops are undoubtedly the large central hole and the internal spiral ridges that improve turbulence, ensuring a homogeneous extraction of flavors.

The V60 02 is the smallest version of this dripper, perfect for 1 to 2 cups of coffee. The ceramic version is the optimal solution to guarantee maximum thermal stability.

Technical specifications:

Capacities: 1-2 cups / 2-4 cups

Colors: white, red

V60 ceramica

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