Lelit “Bianca”

Espresso Machine

Lelit Bianca: an uncompromising espresso machine, with a manual flow control and a dual boiler technology. It was developed for the most experienced home baristas, who want the best result from each cup of coffee.

DELIVERY TIME: approximately 4 weeks


Everything you want to know

Bianca is Lelit's flagship model, which allows complete control of the espresso extraction, also by the most demanding baristas, thanks to the manual wooden paddle positioned on the E61 unit. This allows you to modulate the flow of water of your coffee during extraction, also thanks to the Lelit Control Center (LCC) digital panel.

In addition, the Bianca model adjusts the extraction temperature of espresso. It also does so for the steam boiler, the pre-infusion time, the stand-by time and the turning off of the steam boiler.

Similarly, another parameter that can be easily adjusted on Bianca is the maximum pressure of the dispensing pump which can be set up to a maximum of 12bar. In fact, the actual pressure during extraction can be checked through the pressure gauge which is in plain sight on the E61 group.

The professional filter holder has a walnut wooden handle with a diameter of 58mm. The same walnut wood is also used for the paddle, the knobs and the height-adjustable feet. This exclusive use of high quality materials, makes it even more elegant and pleasant to use.

The body is made of solid steel and the steam wand has a cool touch system to avoid the risk of overheating when you're frothing the milk. Thanks to the 1.5-liter steel boiler, milk frothing is perfect and fast.

The Lelit Bianca is equipped with a sophisticated energy saving system. Thanks to the system allows you to program a stand-by time after which the steam boiler is disabled and the coffee boiler is kept at a temperature of 70°C. In this way, the efficiency of the cup warmer stays at 80%, guaranteeing a machine recovery time of around 10 minutes and a significant energy savings.

The high level equipment includes

  • LELIT58 bottomless filterholder with walnut wooden handle
  • LELIT58 2-ways filterholder with walnut wooden handle and Coffee Slide spout
  • LELIT58 1 dose filter (9-11 g), IMS
  • LELIT58 2 doses filter (14-18 g), IMS
  • LELIT58 2 doses PLUS (18-21 g), IMS
  • LELIT58 blind filter, IMS
  • LELIT58 stainless steel tamper with aluminium handle
  • Spoon for coffee powder
  • Cup rack
  • 70 l water softener filter
  • Small brush with nylon bristles
  • LELIT microfiber cloth
  • Optional 4-holes steam wand nozzle


  • L58E group, paddle system with patented design, compatible with LELIT58 barista tools
  • Professional water/steam taps with spring closure
  • LCC with high-resolution OLED graphic display
  • Lack of water in the tank and "Reserve mode" graphic indicator
  • Possibility to activate pre-infusion and stand-by times
  • Possibility of disabling the steam boiler
  • Partial and total doses counter
  • Coffee delivery timer
  • Temperature displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees
  • Double manometer for pump/steam pressure
  • L58E group manometer for coffee pressure
  • Water supply and direct discharge
  • Pump calibration via external adjustment screw
  • Polished stainless steel appliance body with cup warmer rack and drip tray with wire grate
  • Walnut wood knobs, lever, paddle and feet
  • I/O stainless steel back-lit switch
  • Anti-burn multidirectional steam and hot water wands
  • Mug friendly
  • Water tank placeable on the three sides of the machine

DELIVERY TIME: approximately 4 weeks

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