Neapolitan Coffee Maker Cuccumella


The Neapolitan coffee maker, Cuccumella. Make your coffee, like the Italians do with this must have of the Italian tradition.



Everything you want to know

The Neapolitan coffee maker, also known as Cuccumella, is a typically Italian coffee extraction method, although it was actually invented by a Frenchman almost two centuries ago.

This coffee maker, is nothing less than the famous Neapolitan moka, and for those unfamiliar with it, is made up of 4 parts:

  • the tank with the handle and a small hole,
  • the container for ground coffee,
  • the metal filter
  • the jug with which the coffee is poured, with a handle that fits into the tank

How do you prepare a coffee with the Neapolitan Moka?

First, the tank is filled with water (about 250 ml in the 3-cup version), the container is filled with ground coffee with a grain size larger than the one used for the modern Moka and the filter is screwed on. At this point we add the "server" on top and place everything on the heat source / stove. Once boiling temperature is reached, a little steam will come out of the small hole. This means that the time has come to turn the coffee maker upside down and that will start the extraction.

If you prefer a less bitter coffee, you could start the extraction a few seconds before boiling. It would be even better to fill the tank with water at already 92°C - 96°C to limit the contact of the ground coffee with the high temperatures that could burn it.

We at Caffèlab, love to define the coffee extracted with the Neapolitan coffee maker as the Italian brewing method for filter coffee. If you think about it, the water filters through the coffee panel by force of gravity and the drink is separated from the ground through a metal filter. Compared to the classic moka, where pressure is exerted by the steam during extraction, the result will be less full-bodied but certainly more aromatic.


  • Material: Aluminum, Plastic
  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions: 16.8cm x 15.2cm x 10.4cm (3 cups)


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