Neapolitan cup


The original cup to enjoy your 100% Neapolitan coffee: flared, low and thick, indeed very thick.



Everything you want to know

Those who have had coffee in Naples once never forget it and Neapolitan coffee cups are a fundamental part of the ritual. Whether you like it or not the very decisive tastes (and a little rough) that are typical of Neapolitan coffee, the preparation of coffee in this city remains a magnificent ceremony.

We start with a dose of coffee slightly higher than usual (the so-called addina) and proceed by preparing, together with the coffee, both in mocha and espresso, the famous cream of coffee and sugar that can only make us fall in love.

This ritual lacks a last fundamental step: the cups. Unique, unmistakable, low, flared, wide, thick, very thick, to prepare the real Neapolitan coffee at home.


Data sheet:

Capacity: 64 cc

Material: porcelain

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