Professione Barista

Practical manual for the perfect espresso

A manual full of answers on a profession, that of the barista, which requires not only passion but a lot of study and practice.


Everything you want to know

The art of preparing "coffee" requires not only passion but also a lot of knowledge and a good dose of technique. In this Manual, the reader can develop his knowledge about the Barista profession, with complete and updated theoretical and practical notions.

A perfect manual for those approaching this beautiful and complex profession but also for the professional who wants to stay updated or simply for the consumer that wants to know more about coffee.

Fabio Verona is the Quality and Training Manager of one of the most important Italian companies in the coffee sector. He has been involved in training for years and is a member of important industry associations such as SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and IIAC (Istituto Internazionale assaggiatori caffè).

In this book, he has collected his experiences in the world of coffee, with many small and useful secrets.

  • This book is only available in Italian!

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