Push Tamper

for espresso coffee

An innovative tamper with a unique design which combines precision, reliability and ergonomics. This is the Push Tamper!



Everything you want to know

This special coffee tamper made its first debut during the 2015 World Barista Championship thanks to the English Champion Maxwell Colonna Dashwood, arousing curiosity and admiration. Today, this innovative tamper is available for all our coffee lovers here on Caffèlab.

With its 0.1 mm depth adjustment, the Push Tamper guarantees a high level and uniformed pressing every time, minimizing any possibility of errors and pressing variations even when used by different baristas. Furthermore, its ergonomic shape has been designed to reduce any risk of injuries which are not so rare after a long day of work with the espresso machine.

The Push Tamper is made in England with the highest standards. The base coating is unique with a very low-friction base which prevents the coffee powder from sticking to its surface. The 58.50 mm base is made of surgical-grade tempered stainless steel.

How to use the Push Tamper?

  • Unlock the screw using the supplied tool, and unscrew the handle to raise it to the maximum level
  • Weigh the dose of freshly ground coffee into the filter holder
  • While leveling the coffee, press the top of your Push Tamper until the coffee grounds are pressed to the desired density
  • Check that the Push Tamper is evenly leveled and lower the handle until it touches the filter basket
    Tighten the screw to lock it and start making your espresso


  • Base: 58.5 mm
  • Material: tempered stainless steel
  • Colors: black, green, blue, pink, orange, red

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