Motta espresso coffee tamper

wooden handle

This Motta espresso tamper with wooden handle is ideal for baristas and specialty espresso coffee enthusiasts.



Everything you want to know

This fine and elegant Motta tamper has a wooden handle and is "equipped" with the most important feature a tamper should have: a thick pressing part. This part is high enough to allow us to exert the so-called octopus grip of the hand on the tamper. The Motta tamper has the characteristics for correct pressing, which doesn't lead to any over-extraction or canalization.

Furthermore, wood is a very fashionable element in the new third wave coffee shop formats. It expresses the feeling of craftsmanship, care and warmth, which are some of the core values of Specialty coffees.


  • Material: stainless steel and wood
  • Diameter: 53 or 58 mm
  • Available colors: red, brown, black


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