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5 Cups - Hario

A coffee syphon full of charm, with a design inspired by the decanters used by Sommeliers. Perfect for a real coffee experience!


Everything you want to know

Without a doubt, the Syphon is one of the most spectacular and fascinating methods for coffee extraction.

Designed for the first time in 1800, this tool has only made its come back in recent years thanks to the specialty coffee shops of the so called third coffee wave. It has thus become a real cult object for coffee lovers from all over the world.

This charming version is inspired by the wine sommeliers. The shape reminds us of the decanter, perfect for enchanting your customers in the coffee shop.

The Syphon is made of: an alcohol fueled stove, a glass decanter with a rubber band that allows you to serve the coffee once prepared without getting burned, a glass element where the infusion takes place, and a metal filter equipped with the Venturi valve which allows the water to rise to the top without reaching the boiling temperature.


  • Attach the filter to the upper glass stem as shown in the illustration
  • Add coffee grounds into the upper bowl. The standard amount is 10 g
  • Fill the lower bowl with either cold or hot water up to the symbol of 5 cups
  • Light the alcohol lamp and place it under the center of the lower bowl (be very cautious when moving the alcohol lamp if it is lit. Also make sure to not allow the lamp flame to grow wider than the lower bowl. The center of the wick should be approximately 3 mm from the lamp's opening)
  • While waiting for the water to boil, insert the upper bowl so that it rests diagonally in position. Once the water has been brought to boil, move the upper bowl into upright position. It's recommended to use one hand to steady the lower bowl when inserting the upper bowl
  • When water from the lower bowl rises to the upper bowl, use the attached spoon to gently stir contents in the upper bowl. Heat for 40 to 60 seconds. Since the lower bowl will be almost empty, take great care not to overheat
  • Next, remove the alcohol lamp from under the stand, attach its lid to put out the flame and wait for coffee to drip naturally from the upper bowl to the lower bowl
  • When the coffee has completely dripped into the lower bowl, remove the upper bowl by carefully tilting it back and forth. Make sure to support the lower bowl firmly with one hand and place the upper bowl on the lid / bowl stand. Remove and tilt the upper bowl gently, as the glass parts may collide.
  • Pour into a cup but be careful not to pour the entire contents of the bowl, since the decanter shaped design is intended to filter out stray coffee particles
  • Enjoy!

Find the manual with all infographics of the Hario Sommelier Syphon, here!

With this version of a unique design you'll find two different filters: one made of metal for a fuller cup and the other in fabric that allows you to have a cleaner cup. However, be careful to wash the cloth filter included in the package after each use.

What kind of coffee will you extract? It definitely depends a lot on the type of filtering we use. In conclusion, the Syphon gives us a cup with a greater body than that of a V60 and without any sediments.


  • Materials: Hario heat resistant glass
  • Capacity: 5 cups, 600ml
  • Filters: one in fabric and one in metal

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