Syphon Technica TCA by Hario


The Syphon TCA  by Hario is designed for all who want to amaze customers and friends, with a fascinating and excellent coffee extraction!



Everything you want to know

Designed for the first time in 1800, this tool has only made its come back in recent years thanks to the specialty coffee shops of the so called third coffee wave. It has thus become a real cult object for coffee lovers from all over the world.

The Technica TCA version, for 2 or 3 cups, is very elegant and perfect to enchant your customers. Also for high quality restaurants, this coffee maker is will be ideal to amaze your guests at the end of the meal by preparing them a magical and delicious coffee.

The Siphon is made of an alcohol stove, two glass elements that are hermetically joined thanks to a rubber gasket and a metal filter, equipped with a Venturi valve that allows the water to rise in the upper part without ever reaching the boiling temperature.

How does the coffee extraction of a Syphon work?

  • the right amount of hot water is inserted into the lower globe and the stove is turned on
  • apply the upper element to which we have attached our filter
  • as soon as the water has risen, we will pour our dose of coffee, mixing well to create turbulence and prevent the temperature from rising until the coffee is burned
  • at the end of the infusion, the heat source is removed and by decompression the drink will descend into the lower globe
  • Enjoy!

What coffee do you get?

Surely it depends a lot on the type of filtering we use, but in principle the Syphon will give us a cup with a greater body than that of a V60, but without possible sediments.

It is very important to wash the cloth filter included in the package after each use.


  • Material: heat resistant glass
  • Capacity: 3 cups - 360ml / 2 cups - 240ml
  • Filter: fabric
  • Denatured alcohol burner


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