Probe thermometer

for milk jugs

The probe thermometer is the secret to precise frothing of milk for your cappuccino.


Everything you want to know

We're going to reveal you a secret: the way to an excellent cappuccino is a correct milk temperature!

In fact, every good barista knows that if they want to froth the milk correctly, they must become very familiar with the perception of temperatures.

Expert baristas can usually perceive a good temperature with their sight and touch, but not every employee behind the counter is already well trained or knows how to use different machines.

This is why many coffee chains use this type of probe thermometer inside the milk jug, obtaining an immediate indication of the milk temperature. Result? No customer will burn their tongue!

An object designed for coffee shops with different baristas, and for those who like us, believe it's important to follow precise working standards.


  • Scanning: 1 ° C
  • Max measured temperature: 100 ° C
  • Material: steel

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