V60 02 Hario Candy Edition


Add a touch of color to your coffee routine with the brand new V60 Candy Edition drippers from Hario.



Everything you want to know

The V60 is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and popular coffee extraction methods, now available in 6 brilliant transparent colors. Each dripper is made of high-quality plastic and comes with 40 paper filters, ready to prepare delicious cups of filter coffee immediately.

Chosen by baristas and coffee enthusiasts worldwide, the Hario V60 is renowned for its reliable performance and the quality of the final beverage. The Candy Edition drippers retain the beloved features of the V60, ensuring uniform extraction and a full array of flavors.

Make your coffee break unique with the V60 Candy Edition: choose the color that best represents you and start enjoying quality coffee stylishly and colorfully!

Technical specifications

Capacity: 2-4 cups

Material: Plastic

Color: Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Blue, Yellow

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