Hario range server

V60 coffee brewing

The Hario Range Server  for V60 is a beautiful design object and the perfect match for your V60 coffee. Your filter coffee at home has never looked so elegant.



Everything you want to know

We can prepare an excellent cup of V60 coffee by using any type of jug, milk jug, carafe or even our cup directly!

However, this super cool Hario carafe server is not only a beautiful object of design but also the natural completion of a V60 cone, great for when we want to create a brew bar in our restaurant or coffee shop.

The glass of which it's built is really fine but at the same time very resistant against thermal shocks. It is in fact no coincidence that Hario is the Japanese name for "King of Glass".

This server is designed for the barista who wants to offer filter coffee in their own coffee shop by creating a small V60 Brew Bar. For the coffee lover who loves to use high quality objects in their daily coffee brewing ritual.


  • Material: resistant glass
  • Color: transparent
  • Version: 360 ml, 600 ml, 800 ml - The 360 ml version perfectly fits the V60 01 version, while the 600 ml and 800 ml are great for the V60 02 version.

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