Wormhole Ring

coffee dosage

Wormhole is a ring, fixed to the filter holder thanks to magnets, perfect for the dosage of ground coffee inside the filter holder.



Everything you want to know

Those who work with coffee grinders every day know very well that both grinders, like the most innovative on-demand ones, are not always able to dose the ground coffee perfectly inside the filter. This is why some ground coffee always ends up around the coffee grinder.

To avoid this problem, the Wormhole was designed to help baristas when dosing coffee. Its function is that of a funnel which facilitates the fall of coffee grounds inside the filter holder and therefore avoids waste as much as possible, keeping the station clean and avoiding the spilling coffee.

This innovative tool is available in three colors: red, black and blue. It is very light and on the inside, the one in contact with the filter holder, there are small magnets that make the installation of the Wormhole on the filter holder fast, simple and stable.

The Wormhole is designed for the use with 58 mm filter holders, but thanks to its rubber rim, it also adapts to those with a smaller diameter of 53 mm.

How to use it

  • Place the Wormhole on the filter holder so that the magnets grip the filter
  • Grind the coffee into the filter
  • Level and press the coffee
  • Remove the Wormhole
  • Attach the filter holder and extract the espresso

Designed for

the barista who doesn't want to miss out on the latest coffee tool that helps in optimizing their work routine

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